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September 28th, 2003
EEngine 1.08h Released!  DOWNLOAD
- addition of experimental ee_auto class

September 27th, 2003
I've decided to design a new website.  I'm surprised this one has lasted this long, since early May. I tend to get bored of colours pretty fast.  I also want to emphasize on my EEngine which has been my focus for the last 5 months.
I'm graduating from
Ai on Monday (Majoring in Game Development and Applied Programming) so I expect development of the new site will begin right afterwards.  I'll update the EEngine one more time before I start working on the site full time,  I will include the experimental ee_auto class into EEngine 1.08h.  This site will of course be up as it is my online portfolio. 

September 24th, 2003
Just finished a car demo and I will be adding an auto class to the next EEngine version.  User will be able to import a body and wheels for customization. 

September 21st, 2003
EEngine 1.07h released. DOWNLOAD

Latest changes:
-- added ee_terrain framework to accommodate ee_terrain in development
-- added DIRECT3D #define in main.h
-- changed default particle diffuse colour to rgba(255,255,255,255)
-- added defensive coding to ee_object
-- fixed ee_object material and texture MEMORY LEAK!

September 2nd, 2003
- EEngine 1.06h released. DOWNLOAD

-SI-INBOUND v1.0 Released! Finally! Have fun... DOWNLOAD
I will release the code as soon as I tweak and clean it up a bit, in a few days I think.

August 19th, 2003
- EEngine 1.05h released. DOWNLOAD

SI-INBOUND ready for public release within days.

AUGUST 7th, 2003
 BETA released.

   The game is in the final stages before release.  Here's a nice screenshot :

Wanna try it out? BETA Download
REQUIREMENTS:  DirectX 9 , 1000+Mhz

JULY 30th, 2003

- EEngine 1.04h released. 

JULY 25th, 2003
- EEngine 1.04h might be out soon as I have been adding many new features as well as fixing small bugs.  

- A EEngine Space Invader game is in the works as well, as it has been my main focus this last week. So Stay Tuned for that one.
  (est. Release Mid August)

- Within a few weeks I will also start development on my 3D Terrain Engine. 

JULY 17th, 2003
EEngine 1.03h released.  Check accompanying ReadMe file for details. CODE download.

JULY 16th, 2003
I have just released a Demo showing off my new addition to the EEngine.  DirectInput is shown off in the EEngine Demo 009 :
CODE and EXE both released. 
DirectInput will be available in the next released version of the EEngine which will most likely be tomorrow morning.

JULY 8th, 2003
Just created a small timer application, demonstrating the accuracy of my ee_time class.  EEngine Demo 008 is ready for CODE or EXE download.


JULY 7th, 2003
I just got the ee_time class finished for use within my EEngine.  I'll also make a few time applications to showcase my new ee_time class.  Now my applications can be accurate and do not rely on the frame rate anymore.  Next thing I need to learn is terrain collision detection.  It will take some research, I have a couple idea's but i don't know if they are even possible.  The EEngine 1.03h will be released within the next few days.

JULY 1st, 2003
Just finished ee_input for the next version of the EEngine 1.03h.  One more thing before the next release I need is ee_time to work properly.

JUNE 29th, 2003
New EEngine application available: EEngine Demo 007 Game 001.  I currently in development of a timer class as all my applications so far have been relying on the frame rate for accuracy.  The project shouldn't take me more than a week and will be included in the next EEngine release 1.03h.  Uhhhh and I still haven't gotten around to thumb nailing my artwork, for that I apologize.

JUNE 21st, 2003
YAY Summer is here... I really,really need a tan... I have turned extra white in the last few months, so I'm going to take a few days and put a tan on my white legs. . .


JUNE 20th, 2003
A new version of my EEngine will be up soon.  I am currently adding a new ee_freecamera class which is an extension of the original with more functionality.

JUNE 14th, 2003
Wow, it's been a busy week for me.  I have 4 projects on their way at the same time and am hoping for a simultaneous release of all four within the3 next two weeks.  They include a GUI Demo, a HUD Demo , a small game and showoff of technology.  The art gallery is also taking me a lot longer to assemble than I initially suspected, but fear not, my art will be up soon as well.  I have also finally watched Bruce Almighty yesterday: Comedy 9/10 Overall 8/10 "Too much romance".

JUNE 10th, 2003
Congratulations to New Jersey on their 3rd Stanley Cup in 9 years.

JUNE 9th, 2003
Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 tonight [ANA VS NJ].  My Work Experience semester has began at Ai CDIS so I'm looking forward to an internship at one of the great companies here in Vancouver.  I'm also starting to put my artwork into my portfolio.  I do have a lot of it, so it might take me a day or two to get it all up.  I am currently working on my first GUI Demo and looking at the design , it looks good.

JUNE 2nd, 2003
Slowly all my work is going up.  Got a few applications in the works which I prefer to work on.  Ducks just tied the Stanly Cup series at 2-2 today.  I'm planning to do a nice GUI/HUD demo tomorrow which I am designing tonight, stay tuned for that one.

MAY 28th, 2003
Sweetdreams and JEI (the UT2003 projects) have been released.

MAY 26th, 2003
I retract my previous statement.  XP does NOT suck like a pile of garbage.  The trick is to customize the hell out of it and eventually it'll obey.  That automatic restart garbage is still giving me a headache though, although I've been told that that can be changed.   SweetDreams and JEI are nearing release.  Tomorrow to be exact.  I'll have them (both beta) linked or directly downloadable from my site.  Stay tuned, they are looking good.  Once again I apologize for lack of updates, but the before mentioned games are keeping my fingers busy.

MAY 22nd, 2003
I finally upgraded to WinXP.  What a pile of garbage.  Win98 was a quick operating system.  Ok , so i get a more stable environment, but Battlefield 1942 lost at least 20% frame rate.  All the processing power goes for the background applications, even though i manually closed most of them.  I'll be happy when i can upgrade to Win2003.
Finished EEngine Demo 003 Sunset/Sunrise Simulator EXE is up, the code and description will follow in the next few days.  ReadMe available in the EXE package.

MAY 19th, 2003
I'm currently busy with getting SweetDreams and JEI released on May28th,2003
The final versions of the game should be available then, please stay tuned. 
Also, I'm currently suffering from what can only be described as the hell flu.

MAY 13th, 2003
Finished EEngine Demo 002. EXE is up, the code and description will follow in the next few days. 
ReadMe available in the EXE package.

MAY 12th, 2003
Two weeks until Sweet Dreams and Jupiter Effect Influx are due for public release.  Official release date for both is May28th, 2003 and we still have critical areas to finish.  The final products will of course be available here.

MAY 8th, 2003
Canucks lost tonight...feeling a bit depressed but development of this site will keep my mind occupied for the next few days.  My three stars for this seasons' Canucks : Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison  and the Playoffs : Linden, Jovanowski and the Twins (they count as one) I'm just adding content to all the pages right now... It should 'all' be up and running by Thursday May15th,2003. Contact information is of course available.

MAY 7th , 2003
New site design went up today. How you like it?